4 Useful Features To Look For When Hiring Luxury Portable Toilets For A Festival


While most of the portable toilets you hire for your festival will be regular models, you might want to hire some luxury units too. These units work well in VIP, backstage and premium camping areas. People who need some extra TLC or who have paid more to attend your event will appreciate more luxury here.

Before you choose which toilets to rent, make sure that the units have the following useful features.

1. Enhanced Consumables

When you hire standard portable toilets, then your hire company usually includes basic consumables in the price. You get toilet paper, soap and paper towels in each unit.

If you want to hire luxury portable toilets, then look for higher-quality consumables. You want better quality toilet paper and paper towels; designer soaps are a nice touch.

Some hire companies will offer high-end extras here. For example, you can put real hand towels in some units or put out some perfumes in washbasin areas. You can also include baskets with useful accessories such as dental products, tissues and sanitary products.

2. Hot Water And Showers

Not all standard portable toilets have a hot water supply. While this might not bother most of your festival guests, you should look to hire luxury units with both hot and cold water. The closer your toilets look to real indoor toilets, the better.

You can also hire units that come with a hot and cold running shower. This is a great addition to premium camping and backstage areas. People might know that festival life can be a bit rough; however, that doesn't mean that they won't appreciate being able to have a shower.

3. Space And Style

Regular portable toilets usually have a utilitarian design. They are small and compact, and give people the service they need, but they don't always have a lot of style or space.

Luxury units have more style and space. You usually get more room in a cubicle and around wash basin areas. You also get better lighting and, in many cases, larger mirrors. Some hire companies will even include flowers to brighten up communal areas.

4. Attendants

If you're hiring luxury toilet or bathroom cabins, then ask your hire company if they can provide attendants as well. An attendant will welcome people into the unit and make sure that they have everything they need. They'll also help keep the unit clean and tidy so that it makes the right impression from the start of your event to its end.

To get started, contact portable toilet rental companies.


28 September 2022

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