Ensure Accuracy: Tips For Using Your New Laser Level


If you're still using a standard torpedo level, and you're not getting the accuracy you need, it's time to invest in a laser level. You might not realise this, but there are quite a few benefits to using a laser level. First, you won't need to worry about costly errors. Second, you won't deal with any visible chalk lines. Third, laser levels don't require a hands-on operation. However, you do need to take steps to ensure maximum benefits. Here are four tips to help you get the most from your laser level. 

Protect Your Eyes

If you're going to be using a laser level, it's important that you take steps to protect your eyes. Many people don't realise that the laser can cause serious damage to your eyes, especially if you look directly into the beam. The easiest way to avoid permanent damage to your vision is to wear protective eyewear each time you use your laser level. 

Secure the Level

If you want to keep your hands free while using your laser level, be sure to invest in the right clamps. You might think that you can simply place your laser level on a smooth surface, but that's not necessarily the case. For maximum accuracy, you need to make sure that you secure your laser level each time you use it during a project. Clamping your laser level to a secure structure will help to prevent movement. 

Control the Light

If you're going to be using a laser level, and you want to avoid mistakes, be sure to control the natural light. You can see the laser lines in the light, but the beam isn't always easy to see, especially in brightly-lit rooms. One way to improve efficiency is to close the shades when working in a brightly-lit room. Another way is to use a piece of cardboard to locate the beam. This process works best on white walls. Simply place the cardboard in front of the beam, and mark the location. 

Clear the Path

Finally, if you want to ensure maximum accuracy with your laser level, make sure you provide a clear path. You might not realise this, but any type of blemish on the surface can interfere with accuracy. This includes things like cracks in the wall, chips in the paint or damaged wallpaper, which can interfere with the laser marking. Removing the obstacles will help to ensure accuracy for your project.

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22 February 2022

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