Top Reasons Why Renting a Scissor Lift Makes More Sense When You Need to Use a Large Scissor Lift


You might know that your business needs a large scissor lift that is capable of handling a lot of weight and that is capable of reaching higher heights. If so, you could be in the market to purchase one of these scissor lifts, so you could be looking into your purchasing options. Although it does sometimes make sense to purchase a smaller scissor lift instead of renting one — if that is the type of scissor lift that you need for your business — you may find that renting is your best option if a large scissor lift is what you need. These are a few reasons why renting might make more sense for you and your business in this scenario.

Purchasing a Large Scissor Lift Can Be Costly

You might have some money in your company budget that can be used for purchasing equipment. If you have looked at the pricing on some of the smaller scissor lifts that are available, you might have felt that you would be able to fit one of these scissor lifts into your company budget. However, larger scissor lifts are typically significantly more expensive, and you could be looking at spending tens of thousands of dollars or more on purchasing a scissor lift that is actually large enough to suit your needs. In this case, renting instead can be a good idea, since you don't have to worry about tying up as much capital into one equipment purchase and since you don't have to worry about going into debt.

You May Need Help With Transporting the Large Scissor Lift

Even though you might have a truck and trailer that might be able to be used for moving around a smaller scissor lift from job site to job site, you might not be capable of moving around a much larger and heavier scissor lift. If you are going to need help with transporting the large scissor lift, you might just find that renting one and allowing the rental company to help you with transport is going to make the most sense for you.

You Might Not Have Proper Storage for the Scissor Lift

You might have some storage space on-site at your place of business that you can use for storing equipment. After all, you probably know that proper storage of your expensive equipment is very important since you want to prevent your equipment from being damaged or stolen. If you don't actually have proper storage for a large scissor lift, renting one and counting on the rental company to handle storage for you might make the most sense.

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16 July 2021

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