What Are the Benefits of Using Scissor Lifts for Reaching Elevated Work Areas?


When it comes to performing work at height, you have many different types of elevating work platforms (EWPs) to choose from. Each of these pieces of equipment is designed with specific jobs in mind, so you should choose the correct machine for your job. 

Scissor lifts are one of the most popular types of EWPs used in construction and other applications today. The widespread use of scissor lifts can be attributed to the many advantages they offer compared to other kinds of aerial work platforms. Continue reading on below to find out some of the benefits of using scissor lifts for construction or other purposes.

Scissor lifts provide quick and easy access to difficult-to-reach areas

In applications where there is a need for ease, speed and convenience when elevating workers to high areas, scissor lifts can be an excellent choice of work equipment. These aerial work platforms are supported by crisscrossing braces, hence the name 'scissor' lifts.

As the supports unfold (extend upwards), they raise workers to the height of the job without the setup time of other aerial work platforms such as scaffolding. What's more, scissor lifts can be self-propelled, truck or trailer-mounted, which makes them easy to move around a job site, as well as from one job site to another. 

Scissor lifts provide larger work platforms 

Compared to other types of aerial lifts such as boom lifts, scissor lifts can hold more people and materials due to their larger work platforms. This makes them an ideal choice for jobs that require multiple people working at height at the same time.

Scissor lifts are great for safety

Safety should always be a top priority for anyone that intends to do work at height. The heavy wheelbase of scissor lifts helps to ensure a lower centre of gravity, which is essential for keeping the equipment stable when in use. Plus, some models have outriggers that go out into the ground to provide extra stability.

One of the biggest drawbacks of scissor lifts is that they may not reach as high as other lift types. Also, these aerial work platforms can only move straight up and down and offer no rotational ability. Hence, their manoeuvrability in tight spaces can be a bit difficult compared to other aerial work platforms such as boom lifts. With that said, scissor lifts may not be a suitable option for certain jobs. To know if you should choose a scissor lift for your specific job, consult a professional.


16 April 2021

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