Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators Discussed in Detail for New Buyers


Pneumatic turbine vibrators belong to the family of machines designed to create vibrations. The shockwaves they generate are useful in various industrial applications. Machines like conveyor belts, hoppers, chutes and bins use vibratory effects to move particulate material during processing. If your manufacturing and processing applications require vibratory equipment, it helps to learn a few things about these machines before buying them. The information you get will help you understand the pneumatic turbine vibrators' fundamentals, their installation and other details. Here is a must-read discussion for you:

The Essential Components

Pneumatic turbine vibrators have certain essential components that facilitate their functioning. These components include:

  • Body – The body makes up most of the pneumatic turbine vibrator. It houses the other components and protects them from damage by external elements. Preferably, you should go for an aluminium alloy body with pre-made holes for fastening the equipment in place. Aluminium is lightweight for easy installation and delivers excellent resistance to corrosion. The body will also come with front and rear covers made from the same material.
  • Bearings – Pneumatic turbine vibrators have ball bearings that enable the turbine to rotate. The rotary movement is necessary for moving particulate material through the equipment.
  • Turbine – The turbine holds the vibratory elements that produce the shockwaves needed to move materials through the equipment.
  • Flange – Flanges come as rings on the machine and they house the bearings. Most manufacturers make them from aluminium.

The Installation Tips for Your Vibrator

You can only make the most of your pneumatic turbine vibrator if you install it correctly in your space. Start by making sure that the ready-made holes on the pneumatic vibrator align well with the structure that will hold the equipment. The area must be mechanically sound and capable of withstanding the vibrations from the pneumatic vibrator. Additionally, it also helps ensure that the whole setup sits in a well-ventilated space with enough room for your technicians to carry out regular maintenance.

Features to Look For

Pneumatic turbine vibrators have undergone significant improvements over the years. It helps to choose vibrators with the best features to make the most of your machine. First, look for vibrators with exhaust mufflers and noise attenuation features. They limit noise pollution by the equipment. Secondly, make sure that your machine has an adjustable frequency and force feature. This is critical for controlling the energy used by the machine, with low-energy vibrations applied when you aren't moving lots of materials.

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14 December 2020

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