Tips and Guidelines When Installing a Car Lift in a Residential Building


One of the most common problems which homeowners have to constantly grapple with is a lack of sufficient garage space for their vehicles. If you have added an extra vehicle to your fleet and the garage space is not enough, you should think about installing a car lift. It is the ideal solution where the space is limited, and it's also a good option in apartments and condos which have more vertical than horizontal space. However, to gain the most from installing a car lift, you have to choose one carefully. Here are the tips and guidelines to follow when choosing and installing a car lift in a residential living space. 

The Availability of Space Inside the Garage

A car lift does not take up a lot of garage space. If you have the typical two-car garage space, the lift will occupy a little less than half of it. The inside of the lift will be spacious enough to load two vehicles. If you are in the process of constructing the space that will be occupied by the lift, a professional installation expert will help you determine the dimensions of the space to allocate to the lift. In case you have already left some space for the lift, they will help you pick the size which can comfortably fit the designated space.

The Features of the Car Lift

Another crucial consideration to make is the specific features of the lift you will install. The crucial features to assess include open and close buttons, protection against overloading, car direction indicators, parking operations, lighting and ventilation. Other features to look out for include emergency fire operations, a car chime which indicates the vehicle has reached the desired destination, and the ability to cancel all other calls when the vehicle is in transit. Take time and study the manual which comes with the lift carefully for these features; they will either simplify or complicate operations.

The Cost of the Lift

Car lifts are not a cheap investment. However, they are also worth the money you will choose to spend on them. Before picking a certain model, it is advisable to study all its specs and features. Also, check reviews on durability, ease of operation and warranty. 

It is advisable to pick the vehicle lift brand which offers the best vehicle movement and storage support at an affordable cost. Consult trusted vehicle lift brands for ease and convenience when handling purchase and installation. 


14 July 2020

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