3 Beautiful Ideas for Rural Fencing


If you take a walk in rural Australia, you will notice all manner of fences in different shapes and sizes that adorn the landscape of most homesteads. If you are keen enough, you will not miss the fact that rural fences are an essential addition to any property in rural homes. Therefore, if you recently bought a rural property, you need a sturdy and durable barrier for various purposes such as animal containment, privacy and, most importantly, security. Therefore, what type of rural fencing do you want for your farm? This article highlights beautiful fencing ideas for your rural property.

Woven Wire -- When planning to erect fencing for your rural property, you have to consider the type of animals that are the most stubborn to contain. In your case, these would probably be sheep, goats and poultry for the simple reason that these animals are agile and can easily climb or go through the fencing. Therefore, your choice of rural fencing needs to prevent the above animal movement, and woven wire rural fencing makes this possible. As the name suggests, woven wire fencing is designed in a way that does not allow the animals to climb or walk through the fence. Moreover, unlike barbed wire fencing, woven wire fencing eliminates the possibility of large animals getting tangled up and injured.

Timber Rail Fencing -- This is arguably the most common fencing in most rural Australian homesteads, and that can likely be attributed to the highly durable timber used to construct the fencing. If you decide to choose this material for your rural fencing, you will be glad to know that it can be built in two designs. The first design is the crossbuck fence, and it is the most ideal for homesteads that keep large animals such as horses, cows and other livestock. The other design of timber rail fencing is straight rail fencing, and it is made using upright rails, which are driven down into the soil at a reasonable depth. The primary type of timber used for a straight-rail fence is cedar, which gives the fence a beautiful colour as the wood ages.

Snow Fence -- If you own property in inland Australia such as Tasmania, then you have to deal with a lot of snow. Therefore, the type of fence you choose should be robust enough to withstand the snow. Snow fencing is designed precisely for this purpose, and it is typically made of narrow, wooden, wire-joined planks, a construction that helps to break wind and pressure. Additionally, the planks prevent blockage of farm driveways from snowdrifts, which improves access to your homestead.  

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13 December 2019

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