How to Choose a Suitable Millet Broom For Your Warehouse


Traditional millet brooms work in both domestic and commercial settings. If you're looking for a quick cleaning solution for your warehouse floor, then this kind of broom is a good option.

Millet brooms work on dry and wet surfaces and they maintain their integrity even if they come into contact with substances like chlorine and bleach. It doesn't take long to clean waste from a floor with just a few sweeps.

However, it is important to choose the right kind of millet broom for your needs. This ensures that the broom can do its job and that it will last for as long as possible. What should you look out for?

Number of Ties

Millet brooms come in various sizes from small to large. All brooms have lines of ties sewn at the top of the millet. So, for example, a small broom may only need a couple of lines, and a large broom might have six or even seven lines of ties on it.

While the millet is securely attached to the broom handle, usually with a wire fixing, these ties play an important role. They hold the millet in place and in shape. They help the broom stay together and in good working order for longer.

If you'll be using the broom on a warehouse floor, then it makes sense to look at a large model with more ties. A larger size gives you more cleaning coverage over big surfaces.

However, if you want a broom for smaller spaces, then you could downsize a little and choose one with fewer ties. While a large broom is flexible enough to squash into small spaces, a smaller one is easier to manoeuvre. You also won't risk damaging the millet at the edges of a larger broom if you buy one to fit.

Internal Cane Inserts

Most millet brooms just contain millet. However, some also contain cane inserts in the core of the broom's head. This cane strengthens the inside of the broom.

While millet brooms are sturdy and strong, they can wear out more quickly in heavy-duty commercial and industrial environments. Cane inserts add stiffening and stability to the millet. This extends the life of the broom in these environments. So, a strengthened model will work well in your warehouse.

To find out more about millet brooms and how to choose the right one for your needs, ask your equipment supplier for advice.


23 September 2019

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