Why you should install an air cannon system


If you are in the business of medium and materials storage, then one problem that you will have faced at some point is having your silos, chutes, hoppers or bins become clogged. Clogged silos inevitably lead to delays while you try to clear them and free up the materials. Many businesses try to prevent clogging by regularly cleaning their silos, but this can take a considerable amount of time, especially because, in many cases, you can't risk using water for cleaning if it would damage sensitive materials or cause them to become sticky, making the blockage worse. Too-frequent cleaning also risks causing damage to cables, control lines and electrical utilities surrounding the silo.

What's the solution?

If you must prevent blockages, but you can't afford to be always cleaning out your silos manually, then why not consider using an air cannon? A high-powered air cannon will provide a cost-effective cleaning solution without damaging any of the tubing or surrounding cables.

How an air cannon would benefit your business

  • Less cleaning. If you install an air cannon system you should find that you no longer need to clean your silos so frequently. Clogging should become much less of a problem as the regular unsettling of materials with an air blast will prevent the build up that causes clogging.

  • Cost effective. Modern air cannon systems are not expensive to run. They can emit a strong air current but possess only a small carbon footprint, so you are able to clean quickly and inexpensively.

  • Less damage to materials. An air cannon cleans your silos more safely than manual methods. The use of modern filters on the air cannon ensures cleaner air usage and less spoiling of stored materials.

Whatever materials you are working with, and whatever type of air cannon system you may need, it is important to discuss your requirements with an air cannon supplier like ESS Engineering. They will explain which type of air cannon is most appropriate for your needs, whether you need an air cannon that delivers short bursts of air at regular intervals or something that delivers a more frequent burst of air. By talking about your requirements with the supplier, you will benefit from their years of experience supplying and fitting air cannon systems in a variety of settings. They will be able to direct you to the best air cannon and the most suitable way of installing it to provide exactly what you need.


5 April 2018

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