How To Safeguard Your Hydraulic Cylinder From Unnecessary Damage


Do you expect to use your hydraulic cylinder for a long time? Many people do not know that their actions are directly responsible for the short service life of their hydraulic cylinders. As such, it is necessary to take precautions to reduce the amount of money that you will spend on hydraulic cylinder repairs. Below are various ways that you can safeguard your hydraulic cylinders from unnecessary damage.

Have a clear maintenance schedule

How do you know that some parts of your hydraulic cylinder need to be changed? A hydraulic cylinder consists of various components, and when any of these components are damaged, the cylinder will not work as expected. Such problems can be solved by having a clear maintenance schedule which will ensure that your cylinders are always in perfect condition. During the inspection, some of the parts to be checked include the end ports, piston rods and the piston. It is also essential to check the surface of the barrel to ensure it is in perfect condition and does not allow any leakages. Such regular checks will make it possible to detect any defects and carry out the necessary repairs.

Only deal with experts

When purchasing various types of hydraulic cylinders, you might find the product manuals in the packaging. These guidelines are meant to assist any technicians who need it for reference when they are repairing the cylinders. However, the results can be the opposite if you lack any technical knowledge in regards to hydraulic cylinders. Instead of making the necessary repairs, you will end up causing more damage. It is important to avoid a trial and error approach when you are dealing with hydraulic cylinders. Always consult the experts and let them carry out any repairs on your cylinders. Their services might not be cheap, but it is a better approach than having to purchase a new hydraulic cylinder when your do-it-yourself approach causes more problems.

Ask for product warranties when making a purchase

In case you detect that your hydraulic cylinder is not functioning properly, the first course of action should not be to call an expert to inspect it. The best approach would be to contact the dealer and inform them about the issue. Reputable dealers issue product warranties with every purchase of their cylinders. They will, therefore, replace the item and give you a new one or repair the cylinder at no additional cost. This prevents spending money on repairs that might not even be needed.


12 March 2018

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