Water Tank Installation: Preparing the Base for Container Placement


Proper tank installation is critical for optimal performance of the storage container. Therefore, if you are interested in having a round water tank delivered to your property, you should plan for site preparation. There are multiple processes that you will need to handle to ensure that your installation space is ready for tank placement. However, the most critical task for the project is base preparation. Without a good foundation, the tank will be susceptible to shifting, and this could cause container instability and structural stress. Here are the primary base options to consider choosing for the installation of your water collection tank.

Pour a Reinforced Concrete Base

The most reliable base for a water collection tank is a reinforced concrete base. This type of foundation is resilient and will not shift under pressure. The reinforced concrete has exceptional compressive and tensile strength, so it will support heavy tanks comfortably for a long time. However, it is essential to understand that the quality of the base will depend on the pouring process. If you choose the wrong concrete mix or reinforcing materials, your foundation could fail. It is essential to consult an experienced concrete contractor before pouring the mix. Moreover, you must remember to compact the ground before pouring for optimal strength.

Prepare a Sand Base

If you are interested in an inexpensive tank base, you should think about using a sand or crusher dust foundation. However, you should remember that the base will have recurrent costs even though the initial installation price is low. Typically, the sand or dust will be eroded due to exposure to storm water, so you must have the base repaired periodically. If you decide to install this sand foundation, you should consider using treated sleepers to keep the crusher dust or sand in place. Pine sleeper are relatively inexpensive and widely available. You should also make sure that the material is correctly compacted before the tank is placed. 

Install Precast Concrete Slabs

If you are interested in installing a concrete base but have no time to handle the pouring process, you should consider using a precast concrete slab. As implied, this type of base unit is designed and prepared in a secondary location such as a factory instead of being poured-in-place. These types of slabs have exceptional strength because they are cured in controlled conditions. Therefore, it will provide ideal support for a heavyweight water storage tank. When making your order, you should remember that the base must be larger than your container. 


2 March 2018

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