How to choose the perfect compressor for your air tools


Choosing an air compressor can be a real challenge. There are so many brands and types of compressors available that unless you know exactly which one is the best match for your air tools, you can get lost looking at Fini Pro, Nuair, Hyundai and Kaeser air compressors. Here are the four questions that you must answer before you commit to purchasing any air compressor.

What CFM do you need?

The most basic question that you must ask when choosing an air compressor is what rate of air flow you need. Knowing the cubic feet per minute (CFM) requirement of your air tools is essential. Remember that if you run a business you may want to use several air powered tools at one time, so consider what your total CFM will be rather than the rate needed by an individual tool. When calculating your CFM, don't forget to include the likely air loss through couplings and fittings, as no system can be entirely free of air loss, and the longer the air system, the more air you will lose in this way.

What size tank do you need?

Air tanks vary hugely in size. Choosing the right capacity tank is vital if you want to run your air equipment effectively. In general terms, the larger the air tank you possess, the better. A bigger air tank will take longer to deplete than a smaller one and will therefore run at a more consistent CFM.

Oil or oil-less compressor?

If you are a hobbyist or only need a compressor for light, occasional use, then an oil-less compressor may be a good choice. Oil-less compressors avoid the need for oil changes and therefore require less maintenance than oiled compressors. They are also free from contaminants, which may be a major bonus if you are using a spray gun; however, for most industrial purposes, a standard oiled compressor will produce a larger output and run more quietly and more consistently over time.

How will you use the compressor?

Every air compressor is supplied with a specific warranty to cover the intended use of the compressor, whether that may be DIY or continuous commercial use, or something in between. Selecting the right type of air compressor for your intended use is essential so that you do not void this warranty. Whether you are looking at Kaeser air compressors, Fini Pro compressors or Nuair compressors, the air compressor you eventually choose must have the right warranty.

By considering these four factors, you will be able to narrow the choices and select the correct air compressor for your situation.


21 February 2018

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