Get These 4 Optional Features With Your Commercial Oven


You can get so much more from commercial kitchen ovens like the Unox XEVC-2011-EPR if that brand/model is compatible with a wide range of optional features that are now available on the market. This article discusses some of the most helpful extras that would make it easier for you to get maximum value from the commercial oven that you acquire.

Wi-Fi Connection Kit

A Wi-Fi connection kit would be a good optional feature to get when you buy a new commercial kitchen oven. Such a kit would make it possible for you to control the oven even when you are not near it physically (as long as you are within the range of the Wi-Fi network). Such remote control can help you to attend to various issues, such as preparing your next batch of food, while monitoring the items in the oven. You can then adjust the settings of the oven without leaving the task you are performing at that moment.

Activated Carbon Filter

It may also be prudent for you to get activated carbon filters as an extra feature when you buy that new oven. Such filters can help you to get rid of any contaminants that may have found their way into the oven in-between food prep sessions. For example, the activated carbon filters can extract any dust particles that may find their way into the oven when you open it to retrieve items that are ready.

USB Interface

A USB interface would be a valuable feature to have with that new commercial oven. Such an interface can increase the range of the tasks that the oven can perform simultaneously. For example, you can connect the oven to your laptop and enter commands about the different baking settings for different products. The oven can then adjust its different compartments in order to prepare those different items in accordance with the instructions that you have programmed.

Mobile Plate Trolley

The task of extracting the different items prepared in the oven at the same time can be eased dramatically by having a mobile plate trolley on standby as you cook. That trolley will save you from making numerous trips as you carry away a few plates of food at time in your hands. You can simply load the trolley at once and serve the food without making patrons wait for long for their order.

Some of the extra features and accessories above may initially seem unnecessary, but your work will be eased if you have them. Select those that you need urgently in case you can't get them all when you buy the commercial oven.


21 February 2018

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