What Options Do You Have When Hiring a Portable Toilet?


There is one thing you need to pay lots of attention to when planning picnics, camps and public events. How are you going to handle the waste produced during such activities? Portable toilets are a reliable solution in such cases, especially when the waste disposal amenities are not enough to sustain the waste produced. Thankfully, there are several options when it comes to portable toilets. Learning a few things about them will help you make the right choice. Here is a look at what you can go for:

Recirculating Chemical Portable Toilets

Recirculating chemical portable toilets are a great option for a host of events or activities. They come with standard features such as toilet seats, waste compartment and lid. They also have secure anchoring points such that you can move them easily from one point to another.

Recirculating chemical portable toilets have a straightforward operational concept. The flush unit is actuated using a handle pump or foot pump. After actuation, the flush mechanism moves the chemicals in the toilet while the waste drops to a centralised tank. This keeps the toilet clean and odourless at all times. The tank is always enclosed to keep off bad odours. For purposes of hygiene, you can add other features such as hot water troughs, soap and sanitiser dispensers.

Self-servicing Portable Toilets

As the name suggests, a self-servicing portable toilet is an inclusive unit that eliminates the need for outside servicing. It combines privacy with autonomy to give you the comfort you deserve. It comes with a detachable cassette toilet that disposes waste straight into a tank. When the tank fills up, you can detach the cassette and take the tank to a waste disposal centre. This allows you to fit the cassette on another tank as you take the one for disposal. With such continuity, self-servicing portable toilets offer the best convenience for events with so many people.

Portable Toilet Cabins

Portable toilet cabins are similar to public toilets where you have several in one compartment. They are more convenient for public use during events that last over a week, fortnight or season. Notably, portable toilet cabins have different floor plans and layouts to meet your specific requirements and they are connected to main sewage tanks and disposal. This enables to handle large volumes of waste. On the downside, it is difficult to use them in areas where mains sewage lines and tanks have not been installed.


20 February 2018

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