Tips for Choosing the Right Industrial Flow Aid


Industrial or mechanical flow aids are often needed for materials that flow from a bin or any type of storage area through a hopper, pipe or other such piece. These materials can easily get stuck to each other, stuck to the sides of the bin in which they're stored, or stuck inside the hopper or chute, and then cause clogs and backups. This can also damage those materials; for example, cereals and grains that get stuck to each other may not come apart, and so the inventory is wasted. Note a few tips for choosing the right industrial flow aid so that your materials move as needed and so that you waste as little inventory as possible.


Flow aids that create vibrations keep the materials in constant motion, so they are less likely to create clogs and backups. This can also keep materials from clinging to the walls of a bin or chute, as those walls will keep moving when exposed to vibration, making it more difficult for sticky or starchy items to cling to them. However, a vibration flow aid may not be the right choice for overly heavy items, such as gravel, as these items could actually cause damage if they were to be kept in constant motion. Very brittle items that are exposed to vibrations might also actually crack and chip under this movement.

Air horn

Air horns or guns use a blast of air to keep items from settling and causing clogs or from sticking to each other. This blast of air can also help control the flow of items that may move through a hopper too quickly; the air will slow down the movement of your inventory, so you have  better control over the emptying of a bin or silo.

The drawback to an air horn is that it shouldn't be used with very lightweight items; these may actually become outright airborne and fly out of an uncovered storage area, or hit its ceiling and get damaged. Air horns also might not work well for very tightly packed inventory, such as smaller pieces of gravel.


Blades work as large stirrers, keeping an inventory moving and from settling into a hopper or bin. They can also work to keep items aerated and dry, making them a good choice for items like cereals and grains, and other such starchy materials, which tend to get sticky when moist. Blades can also keep mixed items like food batters from separating and becoming ruined while they're being stored.


20 February 2018

Understanding Aspects of Industrial Supply

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