How should you go About Choosing a Shipping Container Company?


If you have goods to be transported within Australia or overseas, choosing a shipping container will be central to the success of moving your cargo to your desired destination. As with most decisions, also, the price will be a crucial factor to consider when acquiring shipping containers for sale.

When looking for a supplier, be advised to look for a company that will offer you free quotes. One of the best ways to sieve through prospective shipping companies is through a simple online search. Reputable companies will have a series of questionnaires to help you arrive at what type of unit will be best for your needs and the related hiring or purchase costs of the unit. The costs of a shipping container will depend on various factors including;

Hire or Purchase of the container

One of the major price determinants attached to shipping containers is the decision on whether to hire or buy the container. Depending on the frequency of use you will either want to hire or buy it.

The Type of Cargo to be carried

Different types of cargo will attract different charges to use a shipping container. For instance, perishable goods, such as meat and vegetables would need a refrigerated container. This additional feature would attract a premium above normal costs. Additionally, some industrial equipment and supplies require specialised storage and would, thus, need dedicated containers to transport. Other extras on the container that might drive up the costs of a shipping container include shelving, ventilation and lighting.

The Distance to be covered

When hiring a shipping container, the distance to be covered is one of the pricing determinants considered. For goods being shipped abroad, the container needs to be CSC (Container Safety Convention) plated. The goods within the container are also inspected before and after packing to ensure there is zero damage. As all these requirements come at a cost, you should expect to pay extra to ship your goods overseas. Additionally, with greater the distance to cover, your hiring fees will go up as you will have to hire the shipping container for a longer period.

As you proceed to hire a shipping container, it's important that you check the unit for holes and cracks in the walls and roof. Confirm, also, that the doors are working properly. Internally, the unit should also be confirmed to be waterproof. All these measures are necessary to ensure your goods arrive safely and without damage to their destination.


20 February 2018

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