Construction Worksite Safety: Crucial Guidelines for Inspecting Scaffolding Before Use


Proper use of scaffolding is critical for the safety of workers on your construction worksite. If you do not maintain the best practices, your workers could experience significant injuries due to accidental falls, the collapse of the scaffolding and contact with falling objects. One of the essential safety procedures is the daily inspection of the setup. The assessment of the equipment will help you identify hazards and prevent mishaps on your site. Here are some practical tips for inspecting the common elements of the scaffolding for optimal safety.


You should check the diagonal and horizontal bracing in your scaffolding before use. If the bracing in your equipment is damaged, the entire setup will weaken when exposed to heavy weight. In general, you should ensure that the bracing is firm and secure. You should also ensure that the distance between the bracing members is uniform or in the position recommended by the manufacturer. If there is a missing brace or other anomalies, you should commission immediate repairs.


The ladders used for the scaffolding system should be stable and firm for the safety of users. Ideally, the ladders should be stable and supported, and the elements should be placed on an even and firm base. You should also make sure that the ladder is secured in position so that you can prevent accidental displacement. Additionally, it is advisable to check the rungs on the ladders and ensure that the units are all present and in good condition before use. 

Scaffold Decking

You should examine the decking thoroughly because it is responsible for supporting the workers during construction processes. If this element is not secure, it could lead to unexpected mishaps. Under ideal circumstances, the platform of the scaffold should be closely boarded and correctly supported. You should also check the working space for tripping hazards before proceeding with the work. When installing your scaffolding, you should ensure that the space between the building and platform is minimal.

Protective Devices

Finally, you should check the condition of the protective devices installed to ensure employee safety in case of an unexpected incident. These units, such as safety nets and weather protection, should always be in the recommended position. In addition, you should check for deterioration and perform replacements as necessary. 

Maintaining the condition of your scaffold is critical for the safety of your workers during construction projects. If you are not certain about the correct practices to ensure optimal protection of employees working at-height, you should consult an expert at a scaffolding hire company.


16 February 2018

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