How to Single Out the Best Strip Doors for Your Industrial Application


Strip curtains, also referred to as strip doors, are commonly used for industrial applications that require a cost-effective solution to particular problems. Installed to act as a transparent barrier between two spaces, strip doors can be used to perform a range of industrial functions. Before setting out to buy strip doors for your particular industrial use, you should know that not all strip doors are the same. Here's how to ensure you get the right doors. 

Establish why you need the doors

The first and most important aspect to consider when selecting strip doors for your industrial application is the intended function of the doors. Do you need to improve the energy performance of your cold rooms by minimising heat loss through the doors? Do you want to boost traffic flow in your warehouse by eliminating the need to open and close solid doors? Or, do you simply want to keep dust, insects and other airborne contaminants out of your industrial space? 

Whatever your needs are, they will influence the decision on which type of strip door material is right for you. Generally speaking, strip doors are made of different types of industrial-grade PVC or vinyl. The right material for your doors is the one that can achieve a long-lasting installation. 

Consider the level of traffic through the doors

The amount of traffic that your doors will experience on a daily basis can greatly impact the longevity of your strip doors. Generally speaking, the heavier the amount of traffic that the doors will experience, the thicker the strips should be, whereas doors meant to experience lighter traffic should have more lightweight strips. Doors designed for pedestrian traffic will have more lightweight strips compared to those expected to experience heavy vehicular traffic, for example.

Measure your door openings

Once you have established what strip door material is appropriate for your industrial application, the next thing is to find out the exact dimensions of your door openings. Measure the width and height of each opening so you can know what door size to order. Strip doors are available in standard sizes, but you can also get made-to-order doors for your application. As a general principle, thicker, heavier strips are suitable for sealing off taller entryways, while narrower, more lightweight strips, are best for shorter door openings. So, choose your door size with this in mind.

If you keep the above considerations in mind, picking the right strip doors for your industrial application should be quite easy.


15 February 2018

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