Beware of These Possible Motor Problems When Hiring Submersible Sewage Pumps


You need to get rid of wastewater regularly if you are looking to maintain good standards of hygiene. Unfortunately, sewage pumps may be a little too pricey for some people considering the cost of purchase and installation. Hiring is the only economical option for such people that are looking to clean their homes or business premises. When doing so, you need to be aware of the potential motor problems you might run into and the simple things you can do to prevent these problems. Here is a look at these problems and a few things you can do to sort them out: 

Hydraulic Loading

Hydraulic loading is a common problem that occurs in motors working in high-pressure fluid systems. Your sewage is a good example of a high-pressure system. Here, hydraulic loading occurs when there is a sudden change in the direction of the flow of the fluid or wastewater. This causes a sudden reverse force of the motor, and it can lead to a total shut down of the system.  Connecting several pumps to one system elevates the risk of hydraulic loading because of different action mechanisms. Therefore, reducing the number of pumps connected to the system will help keep your motors safe. You can also hire a pump with rotating carbon thrust pads to reduce the severity of the hydraulic loading. 

Voltage Spikes

Just as their name suggests, voltage spikes are random bolts of electrical energy that increase the amount of current passing through the pump's motor. The spikes often come from external sources pf electrical energy such as lightning and utility switch gears used to control other electrical equipment nearby. Unfortunately, there is nothing much that manufacturers can do to prevent the occurrence of these spikes. However, hiring a motor with highly-rated surge protectors will keep the motor safe. You should also consider installing lightning arrestors at strategic points near the pump's installation point.

Broken Seals

Broken seals may happen even in new pumps. It depends on the operating environment of the pump and the level of corrosiveness of the wastewater. If the pump is exposed to high temperatures for long hours, it is likely to break its motor seals faster when compared to a pump operating under normal temperature conditions. Thankfully, you can hire pumps with high-quality ceramic, carbon or silicon carbide seals. They stand up better to corrosive conditions and high temperatures. Your motor will be safe from unwanted fluid flow.


13 February 2018

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